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It's Meltdown Time...


Another great weekend of college football action, and we have yet another great weekend in meltdown time. Sadly enough with the upset victory of Auburn over Ole Miss we won't be seeing an appearance from Ben Obomanu this week, but nevertheless we've got some great material from Ole Miss, Georgia, Michigan, and USC.

As usual, we've got it all this week... Brent Schaeffer, sandcrabs, illiterate recruits, child abuse, conference changes, testicular sacrifices, Paris fashion designers, plane crashes, prayers for NCAA sanctions, and we finish it all off with a trip to the strip clubs. What can you say? We've got it all here in meltdown.

And, of course, it goes without saying that the language does very rough at times, as all of you should have figured out by now. As is the standard warning each and every week, if you do not like rough language, skip this piece entirely and go on to the next piece here at RBR.

Now, warnings out of the way, it's meltdown time...



time to get ready for next year and start using your other QB'S.

biggest pretenders in the sec for 47 years

Snead = modern day brent shaefer

SOWELL IS ATROCIOUS!! absolutely pitiful that he is starting in the SEC.  When the pressure is on he tucks his tail between his legs!

See ya in Shreveport


Nutt is Cutcliffe

It's official.... WE SUCK!

How many wins are left? Egg bowl not looking so easy now


I am too depressed to think.

GODDAMNIT!! landsharks, more like sandcrabs.

well Rebels we beat ourselves again in classic fashion. Fuck my mouth being an ole miss fan is god damned impossible.

Music City Bowl caliber team

Most disappointing season I've been through


Most of our recruits can't read anyway

6-6 and we stay home...biggest fall from #4 ever

Houston Nutt... is he the next Billy Brewer?

Yes, Bradley Sowell has relieved himself of any hype. Thank God, Now you can just be the worthless piece of shit you were meant to be and no one will judge you for it.

I am too gpoddamn drunk for tjhis garb*ge

30 minutes after the game, players are on Facebook approving friend requests. Just another day in Ole Miss football.

Predictions for attendance for the N. Arizona game? I'm thinking lucky for 45,000.

where do we get Liberty Bowl tickets?

I was just sitting here thinking about how bad our luck is as rebel fans. We are cursed. No matter what players, coaches, or circumstances we have we just can't get to atlanta

We should refuse to play the rest of this season to avoid the embarrassment.

After 8 games we're tied with MSU in the SEC West. Soak that in for a moment.

Why is Massie not playing?  Does he suck?   He can't be any worse tha Sorwell.  Bench Snead.  Give the other QB's a shot.  Maybe that is what he needs.  Recievers cacth the DAMN ball.

all we do is throw to the sidelines..nothing attacking the center of the field. That might work on 64 yard wide CFL fields, but not the 11 yard or so smaller field we play on.

Just not any good. Never will be.

Am I guilty of child abuse?????? Took my 9-year old to Auburn yesterday. He wanted to leave early in the third quarter, but of course I made him stay until Nutt punted with five minutes to go basically conceding the game.

If Auburn doesn't drop 3 easy interceptions,they beat us by 40.

anybody know a good hotel in shreveport? feels like its time to start making our independence bowl plans

After reading these comments I am so glad I passed out after the first half.



I am taking all my DAWG paraphernalia off my house and autos....I am actually now embarrassed to be a dawg fan

We need to move to the ACC... our style of play fits in well there......lousy football.


ALL YOU  NERDS WHO HAVE NO IDEA ABOUT COLLEGE FOOTBALL CAN SHUT THE HELL UP. MARK RICHT GEYS 2 +MILLION A YEAR  AND TOP 5 RECRUITS EVERY YEAR AND LOSES LIKE THIS IS A JOKE. FIRE THEM ALL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !!!!!!!!!!!!bangheadbangheadbangheadbangheadbangheadbangheadbangheadbangheadbangheadbangheadbangheadbangheadbangheadbangheadbangheadbangheadbangheadbangheadbangheadbangheadbangheadbangheadbanghead

From the poor coaching'penalties.playcalling,disipline',to the poor qback play"both qb's".defense played terrible,something has got to"CHANGE" IT IS EMBARASING!!!!

We'd probably be better if MR spent as much time preparing his team as he does designing uniforms. Maybe MR should move to Paris and work in the fashion industry.
We shit the bed!
Duke has a better record than us...
It looks as a bunch of Athens drunks drew up this game plan.
Not only can we not beat Florida,,,but we cant even get up enough to protect a UGA legends record....WE ARE fUCKIN PITIFUL..
This fuking mediocrity is killin me,,,we got the talent,but we always play not to lose...even when we're fukin losing
So we go from playing competitive with UF four year ago to getting blasted EVERY fUCKING YEAR. I am sick of this shit.
Peace out. I'm going to go have an accident shaving.
i would give my left nut to have lane kiffin callin the shots in athens
We might as well forfiet the rest of the season after TT
Georgia recruits like Southern Cal, plays like Vandy.
This game, believe it or not was closer than I expected...think i predicted 56-3

Richt made his bones against Fulmer, Shula, Holtz, Gailey and Co.  He used to look like a really good coach. He's overmatched by the new blood of the SEC.

This program has been rotting for a while and Richt allowed it to happen.  We are one of the three worst teams in the SEC, the worst defense in the SEC and the most poorly coached team in the country.

Bring in somebody who forgets to pack the jersey antics on road trips but remembers to pack the can of whoop ass.

Mark Richt lost 2 out of 3 to Ron Zook.

We are officially a middle to lower tier SEC east team. I never thought CMR would let us see the Goff days again, but my friends we are there and once again it SUCKS!!!

look at the bright side... maybe nobody recognized us in those uniforms

Really, this is the worst football team we have put on the field since Donnan's first year.

There was no trick.  They've been whipping our asses routinely for 20 years.....

Didn’t the Blackout Beatdown from Bama teach Richt anything about these hokey motivational tricks? Can’t he motivate his team against one of his most bitter rivals without this crap?

I'm going to burn my GA gear!

Did anybody really expect a better outcome? Black helmets? Give me a break. Dancing because you scored a touchdown even though you are still losing? These kids don’t know how to play football or act with class. I’m extremely dissappointed with everything about this team. How can a program fall so far so fast?

Black helments & pants?????? Did Jerry Glanville sneak into the locker room? C’mon Richt, gimmicks don’t win ball games….talent and solid coaching do.

Richt’s best years were with Doonan’s recruits and VanGorder.

i hope ya'll realize that next year will be just as bad

I still have vomit in my mouth from watching that game.

We have more 4+star athletes on defense than Alabama and Florida right now. Whats that say about the coaching by WM?

I don't want Richt anymore.

Today, this realization came to me with equal clarity and certainty: The current Georgia coaching staff will never beat the current Florida coaching staff. One or the other must change before we will ever win in Jacksonville again.

Is it true that Rambo barely even played? WTF? Did he sleep with Martinez’ wife or something?

Every gain the Georgia program has made since 2001 has been lost. We are now where we were in the 1990s. The glory run is over and we are back to square one.

Never ever ever ever ever ever ever ever ever wear anything other than red helmets, white/red jerseys and silver britches. NEVER EVER EVER do any of this gimmick uniform bull$hit again. EVER!

New uniforms? Way to rearrange the deck chairs on the Titanic, Richt.



The god-damned plane has crashed into the mountain.

The sky is falling!!!!!!!!! No wait it's just the Michigan program thats falling!!!!

We lost to a 1-6 football team...

This is without a doubt the worst Michigan defense in the history of the program

This team can't beat anyone except a DII school

OSU WILL BEAT UM BY 40 after today's performance........

I'm trying to stay positive, but there is NO WAY we compete with osu this year. We will most likely lost by 30+ pts, I see pryor having a BIG day in the Big House in three weeks
Cant beat the worsr team, you become the worse team!
RR = Millen
Does anyone have Les Miles cell phone number? If so give it to the AD
Just think how shitty we'd be without all that extra practice?
I'll make two predictions:

(1) Michigan won't win another game this year

(2) Rodriguez won't win another game at Michigan
Goodbye RR. I can't say it was fun.

Can RichRod fire himself by next weekend?

We are witnessing the implosion I'm afraid.

What do you say to a recruit after an ass whooping like this?

it worked in the Big East!!!!!!!!!!!

RR should hope open tryouts Monday. Every position on the roster is up for grabs, except Brandon Graham.  If you can outplay a current member of the team you get their scholarship.  Expect a bunch of roster changes next week

1 more win = Motor City

the almighty rich rod offense goes three and out or fumble 80% of the time. he's had TWENTY ONE games now to get it going. it still looks like crap.

Will RR get fired for 5-7?

I hope so!!!

Brace yourselves, 5-7 is the probable outcome.

This is 2008 redux.  The team has quit.....again.

We don't have what it takes to beat Purdue and will certainly lose or get blown out entirely by Wisco and OSU.

I can't believe I'm posting this, since thought 9-3.

But good grief....we are done.

The good news is that we still have the Detroit Lions to root for
I am now actually hoping that the NCAA finds violations so we can have an excuse to get rid or RR..... How bad is that?



Worst loss since 1997.
The game play at USC has fallen off to a laughable level. Intolerable calls against the offense, untimely and unintelligent calls against the defense have moved the Trojans to a second tier football program. No intensity at any level, coupled with no intelligent gameplay makes for a pretty embarrassing team effort.
Who will we play in the Holiday Bowl?
Bend Me Over And Stick It In
It's Halloween, but who were those guys in the SC uniforms?
No Guts, No Pride, No Heart. That looked like a Paul Hackett coached team tonight.
What's most shameful is how the team just totally quit. I never thought I'd see a USC team under PC quit on the field ,but this team did. Truly Embarrassing.

Watershed loss of the PC era.
WOW Hide the dog. I'm gonna kick the shit out of him.
Maybe the computer polls saw through us... while the human polls were giving us undue credit just for being USC.
never thought Id see a Pete carroll coached team give it up like bitches like that. Maybe Pete ought to let the gang bangers of better la worry about themselves and get back to work fixing this USC football program
No, we were done in tonight by our team not giving a DAMN if they won or lost, and our opponent playing for the National Championship.
Worse performance in Petes Era
RECRUITS JUST DECOMMITTED. This was our GAME to SHINE, and we fucked it up. Right now at this very moment, recruits are in the DUCKS locker room celebrating our DISGRACEFUL PERFORMANCE.

watch our recruiting fall off the charts after this - there is no way henderson, powell, shaw, lache, etc come here after this - we could even get beaten by Stanford at this rate

THE EMPEROR HAS NO CLOTHES - pete can recruit and motivate-he cannot coach period !!!

If we ever want to get back into the NC game again fans like us must implore pete to change things !! we looked like Florida state tonight and PC looked like bobby bowden!!

With all the bandwagon fans jumping ship, tickets to the remaining home games will be dirt cheap now for the rest of us.

Problem is that was said after 13-9, the Stanford debacle, the two OSU screw-ups and the Washington blunder. Nothing has changed or is going to will Pete is at the helm.

Absolutely heartless. From Tyron Smith deciding not to block anyone, to Parsons' constant false starts, to Morgan getting dragged like a rag doll as usual against midget RB's, to Galippo playing like an out of position idiot with no idea where to be, to Taylor "overrated" Mays. The entire team, coaching staff, and program should be absolutely ashamed of itself. I'm so sick of this team.

The bad thing is Oregon could be even better next year.

This is the worst defense effort I've seen since the 1966 Notre Dame game.

Forgot what the woodshed looked like. Not a pleasant place.

tonight looked just like the Hackett era.