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Five Football Games to Watch: Week 10

Let's just go ahead and get something straight: I don't care one ounce who else is playing this weekend. We've got a trip to Atlanta on the line this weekend and everything else takes a backseat to that. I wouldn't care if Florida and Texas were playing this weekend at the same time, I wouldn't even flip over to it during commercials.

With that in mind, I'm not doing this column this week. That's not a lazy cop out either. The 2nd best game of the weekend (as far as rankings go) is on at the same time (Penn State vs. Ohio State.) After that game, the drop off is so severe that it's nearly impossible to fathom. I don't care one iota about watching a Big East slap fight (West Virginia vs. Louisville) or "The Battle for the Triangle" (Duke vs. North Carolina) or the myriad of craptastic homecoming-esque games on tap in the SEC (Northern Arizona at Ole Miss, Furman at Auburn, Tennessee Tech at Georgia, Memphis at Tennessee.) You know it's a crappy week when Vanderbilt at Florida is on ESPN2 in prime time.

So, with that in mind, get ready for THE game of the season as far as we're concerned.