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Your Friday Beauty and (Parts of) the Beast

I would suggest admiring La Taylor and then moving along. Don't say you weren't warned.

This week I delved back into the bizarre world of Korean snack foods and came back with "Headless Ching Chang Anchovy w/ Sesame."  They look like animal poop:


But their looks aren't the worst part. Remember how last week the fishiness of the squid nearly got to me three times? Well this week, ladies and gentlemen, the vomit has landed. Sadly I didn't have access to the Girl's laptop at the time and, figuring this was going to be a walk in the park after the squid, decided a quick cell phone video clip would suffice. Boy was I ever wrong. Sadly, the worst/best moment of this whole experiment is now preserved in nothing but a short, barely discernible video clip. The retching begins at about the :12 mark, and after spitting out whatever was currently being chewed in my trash can I quickly had to run to the bathroom and full on hurl.  That's the rustling you hear in the background for the remainder of the clip.  Enjoy!  I didn't.