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20/20 Hindsight: Alabama vs LSU

Here it is, your weekly roundup of links and quotes concerning the previous night's game.  As always, leave anything worth reading (or, considering the "controversial" review and subsequent caterwauling, worth ridiculing) that we've missed in the comments below.

Slow-starting Tide still a hit when push comes to fourth quarter heroics | Dr. Saturday

But no part of the Tide's win was more impressive than that killer instinct on both sides of the ball -- or, maybe more accurately, the survival instinct. 'Bama never trailed in the fourth quarter during last year's 12-0 regular season, and in fact blew a late lead to Florida in the SEC Championship. This year, it's rallied to come from behind to put away Virginia Tech in the opener and now the top challenger in the West Division; in their toughest games of the season, facing their toughest spots of the season, the Tide outscored the Hokies and Tigers by a combined 32-7 in the final frame to win both games comfortably, by two scores. They blocked Tennessee's kick to prevent a burgeoning giveaway. Whatever other problems this team has, responding in the clutch obviously hasn't been one of them.

The West Is Won, and That's All That Matters | Team Speed Kills

If anyone wants to point to the fact that Alabama got off to a slow start against LSU and won after a dubious decision on what should have been an LSU interception along the sideline, there's an easy response available to the Tide: Iowa and Oregon. That won't and shouldn't protect Alabama from any poll fallout in relation to Texas and Florida, but it shows why there's no killing the cliche that it's better to win ugly than to lose pretty.

Alabama rallies to defeat ninth-ranked LSU, 24-15, to clinch the SEC West division |

This was only Jones' second touchdown of the season but the explosive nature of it reminded everyone just how fast he is and just how dangerous he can be when healthy. "I expect to make those plays," Jones said. "We knew they would load up the box and there would be plenty of opportunities to throw the ball.

"We practiced that play all week. A play like that I just feel like I should just step up and make the play. I did what I had to do."

Alabama victory has redeeming value for McElroy, Jones | Tony Barnhart

There are many lessons that football teaches, but the greatest of these is the possibility for redemption.

You may have been the goat last week. You may have been the goat earlier in the day. You may have had coaches and fans screaming at you in anger. But if you keep playing, if you persevere, the game will eventually give you a chance to be a hero.

Such was the case for Greg McElroy and Julio Jones, who each wore the hero's crown with pride Saturday night after No. 3 Alabama came from behind not once but twice to knock off No. 9 LSU 24-15 and clinch a spot against No. 1 Florida in the SEC Championship Game on Dec. 5 in Atlanta.

Alabama Needs Diverse Offense to Stay On Track | Fox Sports

After two weeks in hibernation, the Alabama offense finally gave the vaunted Crimson Tide D some air cover, and the Tide took its final step toward the SEC title game. Now, 'Bama wants more than just a spot in the game. It wants an undefeated showdown with Florida, but in order to get there, it needed to stop LSU, and while the Crimson Tide defense wasn't totally stifling, as it had been several times this year, it looked great in a step up in competition.

College Football Diary | The Daily Fix

You always hate to see a loss blamed on injuries, but I think we are going to hear a lot of that around Baton Rouge for many weeks to come. This time, the excuse may be valid. Jefferson was playing great before he got hurt, and in the second half, Lee showed way he lost the starting job. Charles Scott went down right after breaking a couple huge runs, and then we saw the backup Bradley fail to convert a key third and short. Cornerback Patrick Peterson was cramping up (hydrate!!), and then Julio Jones blows past the backup defender for a 73-yard touchdown reception that won the game.

Still, credit has to go to the Tide. McElroy was far from perfect but he set up the biggest play of the game in that pass to Jones. Mark Ingram, with 144 total rushing yards, woke up in the second half and was nearly unstoppable. And the defense got it done, which wasn't surprising.

Dear Mr. Slive: I should be a replay ref | Clay Travis

That's why I'm making you an offer, I will work as instant replay reviewer for any televised SEC game.

For free.

Do you understand what a deal you're getting here, Commissioner Slive? I will work for the SEC for absolutely free. And I won't miss any calls.


You know why? Two reasons, first, I don't care who wins the games...

ed. - Emphasis mine, and I'm including this one so you can all get a good laugh at the notion Clay Travis wouldn't blow every single call he possibly could to guarantee an Alabama loss.  I hate Clay Travis.

Resilient Alabama gets it done...again | Chris Low

This is Alabama’s last shot.

That is, the Crimson Tide’s last shot to do something that nobody else in the SEC has done -- win at least one SEC championship in every decade since the league was formed in 1933.

Tide's Attitude Reason for Turnaround | Randy Kennedy

"We're proud of it, but it's not enough," said senior All-American Javier Arenas. "It didn't hit us until after the game that we had won the West. I wouldn't say that we expected it, but we knew how to work for it."

That attitude is a testament to just how far Alabama has come in such a short period of time under Saban.

And finally, Saban's post game comments from (where you can find the player comments as well):