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McElwain Interviewed for San Jose State?

According to reports from the Bay Area, OC Jim McElwain has interviewed for the head coach position at San Jose State (along with Stanford OC David Shaw). McElwain is no stranger to the area, having come to Alabama by way of Fresno State, and his move to head coach is likely more a question of "when" than "will."

As for how this affects the team? Personally, you have to be happy for a guy getting the jump to the big office, and you know that when your team is successful assistants are going to be looking to advance after every season. But I still hate hearing it since it's a distraction that we can do without heading into the national title game.

In other assistant coach/coaching carousel news, it looks like both Kirby Smart and Sal Sunseri, both rumored candidates for the DC position at Florida State, will be sticking around with the hiring of Mark Stoops.