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Weekend Plans

I'm getting ambitious this weekend!

  1. Update the commit widget to actually reflect this year's haul.  Chance this will happen?  100%  That's pretty easy.
  2. The triumphant return of the RBR Word of the Day! Chance this will happen?  90%  Depends on what throws at me.
  3. Continue the "Saban's Jewel Crown" Profiles.  Chance this will happen? 70% Depends on how lazy I'm feeling Sunday afternoon.
  4. Finally start in on the Running Back Success Rate Posts.  Chance this will happen?  60% I've got enough done to start working them into post form, but working them into post form seems daunting.  Once again, depends on how lazy I'm feeling Sunday afternoon.
  5. Celebrate Valentine's Day with my two best girls.  Chance this will happen?  100% I could ignore the Girl, but how could I ignore this?


Enjoy your weekend, kids. Ladies, after the jump.

Buzz Aldrin, American hero: