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Weekend Plans: 02/20/09

1. Start posting pictures of Rachael Taylor on Friday. Chance this will happen? 100%

You're welcome.

2. Get to work on this year's edition of Yea Alabama. Chance this will happen? 50% Nico(2.0!) and I really need to start getting our ducks in a row, but you know who you're dealing with by now, and if we meet at all we'll probably spend too much time talking about music and movies, scribble a few notes here and there, and not get much else accomplished. But a start's a start, right?.

3. Think up a new clever title besides the clearly too obscure "Saban's Jewel Crown" for the recruiting profiles. Chance this will happen?  0% I like it, I get it, the rest of you can get over it.

4. Watch The Treasure of the Sierra Madre again.  Chance this will happen? 25%  It's been on my mind lately, and I'll do my best to talk the Girl into it, but she probably won't want to and I just don't have enough spare time this weekend to go it alone.  Grrr.....

5. Start posting the Running Back Success Rate stuff. Chance this will happen? 80%  Its all finally taken shape in my mind, so if I can work out at least two more complete posts to get three up next week, the series will finally begin.

Ladies, I haven't forgotten about you: