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NSD 2009 Recap

It goes without saying that National Signing Day was a big day for the Crimson Tide, but as you also probably noticed, it was also a very big day for RBR as well. A year ago the open thread for National Signing Day 2008, as well as we did, ended up with 67 comments... the three combined opened threads this year ended up with approximately 1,500 comments.

All in all, it was an all-day event that was hard to keep up with, but if you browse through the comments, there were plenty of gems. So with all of that in mind, here goes with recapping NSD from the comments section:


WOOT WOOT!!! about damn time... didn't think this day would ever get here

I've heard that Tana Patrick may be a switch to Auburn….since we’re going to be loaded at LB? Does anyone think there is there any truth to that?

LOI's rolling...

NSD has already started, and several LOI’s have already rolled across the fax machine. They are:

Michael Bowman (WR)
Kellen Williams (OL)
Nico Johnson (LB)
Mike Marrow (FB/LB)

Many more will be coming relatively soon. Of all of the current commitments, no issues are expected. However, keep your eye out for Sentimore… LSU is still going after him and we want to see an LOI with his name on it ASAP, so be on the look out for that.

Any news on Pat Patterson?

PP to Ole Miss


Have fun the next three years blocking after Snead leaves

According to all of our commitments have now sent in their letters except for Richardson and Petey Smith.

Let’s hope we do not lose Massie to Ole Miss.

10 minutes till Massie announces

Bammer you have the best excuse for not working today

Planning the birth of a child on NSD... absolutely GENIUS!!!

DeAngelo Benton is going to Auburn. WOW! That is huge. He was a 5-star recruit that was locked for LSU the last two years.

He probably got confused which Tigers he was signing with.

Benton means nothing without a QB to get him the ball.

Benton to Auburn… this one has Les Miles written all over it. You can take it to the bank, Miles is somehow manipulating this one to get Randle back into the fold.

Benton said that he would sign last night with LSU, and this morning he wakes up signing with Auburn. I’ll be honest… I think Miles pulled his offer, and I think this seals the deal with Randle going to LSU.

Montgomery to LSU? Did that just happen?

and he said he's bringing Richardson with him.

Massie is scheduled for 9:45. Apparently they are filling up the auditorium at Hargrave, it might be a few more minutes.

I’ll say this… after OM sealed the deal with Patterson, you really have to worry about this one. They are selling him on the idea that he starts at left tackle from day one, and that is something (with Fluker) that we can never offer.

Myles to Tennessee

are you serious... damn

I hate Orgeron

what the hell is he thinking?

This day is not going well.

Patrick is starting...

Patrick to 'Bama!

Finally... a young man with some good sense.

Big pick-up… this one was expected, but we still needed it.

Finally we get some good news on NSD.

Lots of Internet rumblings out there now that Randle will be signing with LSU after all.

I’m telling you… Miles pulled the offer to Benton to smooth things over with Randle, and it worked.

Attention future LSU recruits... ….your offer is not firm if someone better comes along. I’m just saying.

Let's rent a billboard in Baton Rouge and display this.

Massie commits to Ole Mis. Wow... shocker

The Myles situation was admittedly a toss-up, and the Patterson situation looked a bit bleak, but this one is a major shocker. Massie was considered a ’Bama lock as of a day or so again, so this one is unreal.

He must have just wanted to play left tackle. I guess this all goes back to Fluker and the fact that you can only sign so many talented guys at one position. With no Fluker, I have no doubt we get Massie.

Brandon Moore and Eddie Lacy are coming up at 11:00…

I feel good about Moore, but less so about Lacy. Thompson has recruited him very hard to UT (bastard), and frankly with the way this morning has gone so far…

I feel confident that Moore will sign with Alabama, but I’m much less confident about Lacy.

The BOL guys are actually now saying that Lacy will likely end up at UT, and I’m afraid that’s right. Lance Thompson is absolutely killing us with this one, but hopefully we still get him.

I wish customers would go away... I can't concentrate!

How 'bout that 'Bama basketball team? Anyone? (dodging bottles and rotten vegetables)

The BOL guys think that Lacy is gone to UT, but that we keep Richardson...

Andrew Bone saying Moore to Alabama... no confirmation just yet.

Brandon Moore commits to Alabama!

An unconfirmed report has Ron Jeremy, 5’7 246 lbs. from Van Nuys, CA committing to Alabama.

Any word on Lacy?

Lacy to Alabama!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

Lacy to Alabama...

Wow, the good guys finally get one going in our direction, and that was actually a bit of a surprise.

All I will say is this… I loathe Lance Thompson, and I hope his wife takes him to the cleaners in their divorce.


This kid is a beast

This is the last time I go to work on NSD. I'm calling in sick from now on. It's just too much!

Randle is coming up at Noon…

Kirkpatrick and Kelly will be around 1:45…

Bell will be around 2:00…

Richardson will be at 4:00

Lots of uncertainty with Randle. He was originally scheduled for noon today, then there was talk of him waiting ’til later, and then he was perhaps announcing tonight at his church, etc.

However, I think he’s firmly in the LSU fold now, so I imagine he’ll announce sometime in the next hour. No use waiting any longer.

Hell... You have to figure that Lutzenkirchen has to be a communications expert just to pronounce his own damn name correctly.

In Red Stick's defense... There are some top shelf honeys and great food…and nutria…and random rapist/murderers.

Boycott they hate the SEC.

According to published reports by the Tuscaloosa News, A.J. McCarron is driving over to Pensacola, and he will be there with Trent Richardson for his final announcement.

Janzen Jackson delays decision...

Some fairly big news… LSU commitment Janzen Jackson has delayed his announcement apparently until tomorrow morning. The reports are saying that his mother is out of town and that he wants to wait on her.

I don’t think this changes anything, he’s still likely LSU bound.

Tubs on ESPNU, kinda miss him...

NOLA reporting Randle to LSU.

Bell and Kelly both to 'Bama, per Ian's source.

Rivals "Tennessee gets Richardson to switch." fortunately, they’re speaking of a different richardson…all the same, i nearly soiled myself

It's just like I said this morning...

Miles was scared to death that Randle was going to slip away to ’Bama or Oklahoma, and he threw Benton under the bus to make up for it.

It worked. I said it in the previous thread and I’ll reiterate here… Randle should be a great player, but if that’s what it will take for LSU to get him, then no thanks, LSU can have him.


Stole one my ass...

The Auburn people are being absolutely delusional if they think they stole one from LSU. No way in hell a Louisiana kid who signed with LSU twice, and says he will sign with them again less than 10 hours before NSD starts, is going to voluntarily sign with Auburn, or anywhere besides LSU for that matter.

Miles told him to beat it, plain and simple.


Did the hat just allow a recruit to dictate how he offers scholarships? Is Randle afraid to compete for a position?
Yes he did, and it’s plain as day. If there’s ever been a coach who you could say sold his soul to get a recruit, it’s this one.
Seriously... does Kendall Kelly not look exactly like Pacman Jones?
SBNation is running SLOWWWWWWWWWWW
NSD is too much apparently
[Channelling Martin Lawrence] IT'S ABOUT TO FUCKIN' BLOW!!!!!!
Get ready... a hat trick is coming.
Is Dre wearing LSU colors?
As long as he's not wearing burnt orange, that's all that matters.

And he probably borrowed it from Saban ;)

Kendall Kelly picked Alabama!
HELL YES... KK to the Tide!
Serious question from the lame white guy... how does he even get his hat on properly with his hair like it is?

Depends on the definition of "properly" I would think.

Oh, nevermind... I see he had to cut out almost the back half of the hat.

This may mean something... Florida announced its official 2009 recruiting class already, and Trent Richardson is NOT on the list; nor did they bother to wait for his announcement
Great news... Meyer has thrown in the towel with Richardson, so you know the coaches have been notified one way or the other.
Kirkpatrick coming up...
Here we go...
Come on Dre.
Dre to 'Bama!!!
In the most long-winded, gayest hat trick ever... Kirkpatrick to Alabama!
Hell yes!
Got him!
So are we done 'til 4:00? Maybe I can get some work done now.
Nope... Kenny Bell is still out there, and he should be coming up soon.
Bell to 'Bama... per link...
Confirmed... big pick-up!
Awesome. It has also been confirmed that Bell and Kelly do indeed have better hands than Randle.
And faster, too.
And better character and academics, too, lol.
If we hang on to Richardson, on Rivals we will finish with… 27 total signees (not counting Kerry Murphy), 4 five-stars, 14 four-stars, and 9 three-stars. Our average star rating would be 3.81.

By my count, counting Murphy, we have brought in approximately 41 four and five-star recruits in the past two classes alone.

Fingers crossed... Richardson has been a ‘Bama commitment forever, Florida is out of it, Richardson’s mother wants him to come to Alabama, and his mother is also good friends with Dre Kirkpatrick’s mother… He has to be ours.

Nevertheless, if you have your ulcer medication handy, I’d go ahead and take a couple of doses anyway.

Can we get a new thread?

Trent Richardson thread posted... head over there for the rest of the afternoon.

Cmon Trent!

Does anyone else feel kind of weird... about watching that video?

Do you mean because the backdrop is all Florida Gatorsey?

I suddenly have the urge to shop BereJewelers for all my Valentine's gifts.

Birmingham News and Tuscaloosa News presence confirmed by loud lady.

Baton Rouge media contingent confirmed by strong smell of corndogs.

Just to recap today...

We came into today with 21 commitments, and so far we have kept all of them. Only one remains, and that is Richardson.

However, we have added another six players today, and they are… Tana Patrick, Brandon Moore, Eddie Lacy, Kendall Kelly, Dre Kirkpatrick, and Kenny Bell.

Yes we did miss on Patterson, Massie, and Myles (plus Randle), but even so it’s still been a great day. It was a slow start, but we got it together and it has turned out to be a great day and class. Hopefully we can seal the deal with Richardson in a few minutes.

Piece of shit camera, huh? Well, you're fired when you get back to the station.

I have to admit.. the red-haired chick does it for me.

It's the knockers.

The Champagne of 'Bama Blogs, folks, no doubt about it.

Goddamn... the dumbass ninth graders are waiving at the camera.

Are they even remotely aware of the fact that the people who watch this sort of things couldn't give two shits about them?

haha! I almost fell out of my desk.

his suit is ballin outta control!

22,000 watching

Trent is speaking, I can't hear anything though.


Roll Tide! He's rolling with Alabama.

Pimpin' with the houndstooth hat, btw.

He looks like a pimp.

What a great freakin' day!