TET's "Analysis" of Football Playoffs


This post is a perfect illustration of why I can't take the anti-playoff crowd seriously. Check the opening sentence of the third paragraph: "It's amazing how many fans would want an immediate 64-team football playoff" Really? Maybe I'm alone on this, but I've never met or heard of anyone thinking a 64 team playoff in college football would be a good idea ever, let alone immediately. Of course, the rest of WEA's arguments are based on the ridiculous 64-team football playoff idea, which is a terrible one. When Todd and I had our chat about playoffs, this was one of the very issues I complained about: the straw-manning of college football playoffs. So many playoff haters start with examples of challenges a playoff solution would face, exaggerate them, cherry-pick formats that suit those particular problems most poorly, and then conclude that playoffs wouldn't work. I haven't yet figured out if this makes them incredibly clever and savvy PR types, or just impossibly dense.