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ATTN: Tailgaters - How would you like to be a published author?


As you are all no doubt aware, we are working dilligently on getting this year's edition of Yea Alabama completed and are roughly two weeks away from wrapping things up.  One of the articles we'll be doing this year is a focus on tailgating culture in the SEC, and in the sidebars we are going to have grilling tips and recipes for y'all to try this fall.  Here's where you come in; if you have a special something you make for your tailgates that all your friends love and you think everyone should try, send it in.  Recipes should be:

  1. Not overly complicated.  These are things that should ideally be prepared on a grill, so no special equipment that isn't normally found in a stadium parking lot and no special culinary skills beyond what your average Food Network viewer can handle should be required.  
  2. Mostly original.  We know there are only so many ways to do a burger, but don't just copy and paste something you saw on Boy Meets Grill.  This should be something reasonably unique to you and your tailgate.
  3. Creative.  Any idiot can open a can of baked beans and toss some bacon in it.  Give us some baked beans (or whatever) that will make people think "never though of that, but I'm doing it this way from now on!"
  4. Opponent specific. This one may be a little tricky, but if you have an awesome way to do turkey legs that would go great before the Va. Tech game or a unique hush puppies recipe for Mississippi State, then that's the kind of creativity we're looking for.

E-mail them to us at rollbamaroll -at- by Friday, and I'll select the ten or so that sound the best over the weekend to post here.  Popular vote will decide the top four (this isn't cheesecake voting, so my blogtator hat will be off on this one) and those lucky winners will have their recipes included in the book with full credit to their submitter, and we'll also send you a free copy once it's printed (though if you still wanted to go out and buy two extra copies for all your family and friends that would be great, too).