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A-Day Roster

via The Bama Beat

(No. 2 offense and No. 1 defense)
(No. 1 offense and No. 2 defense)

2 Star Jackson QB Fr.
16 Thomas Darrah QB
31 Ivan Matchett RB Fr.
34 Jeramie Griffin RB So.
44 Jermaine Preyear RB Fr.
4 Marquis Maze WR So.
19 Chris Jackson WR So.
11 Brandon Gibson WR So.
85 Preston Dial TE Jr.
87 Chris Underwood TE So
. 89 Michael Williams TE Fr.
52 Alfred McCullough OL So.
65 Chance Warmack OL Fr.
67 John Michael Boswell OL So.
72 Tyler Love OL So.
74 David Ross OL Jr.
75 Barrett Jones OL So.


62 Terrence Cody DL Sr.
94 Undra Billingsley DL Fr.
95 Brandon Deaderick DL Sr.
97 Lorenzo Washington DL Sr.
25 Rolando McClain LB Jr.
13 Cory Reamer LB Sr.
30 Dont'a Hightower LB So.
32 Eryk Anders LB Sr.
3 Kareem Jackson DB Jr.
23 Robby Green DB So.
24 Marquis Johnson DB Sr.
27 Justin Woodall DB Sr.
28 Javier Arenas DB Sr.

-Punter P.J. Fitzgerald and place-kicker Leigh Tiffin

12 Greg McElroy QB Jr.
10 Morgan Ogilvie QB So.
29 Terry Grant RB Jr.
6 Demetrius Goode RB So.
40 Baron Huber RB/TE Sr.
8 Julio Jones WR So.
80 Mike McCoy WR Sr.
15 Darius Hanks WR Jr.
84 Colin Peek TE Sr.
17 Brad Smelley TE
66 Brian Motley OL Jr.
73 William Vlachos OL Jr.
77 James Carpenter OL Jr.
78 Mike Johnson OL Sr.
79 Drew Davis OL Sr.
68 Taylor Pharr OL Jr.
70 Evan Cardwell OL Sr.


99 Josh Chapman DL So.
96 Luther Davis DL Jr.
57 Marcell Dareus DL So.
64 Kerry Murphy DL Fr.
92 Damion Square DL Fr.
58 Nick Gentry DL So.
54 Glenn Harbin DL Fr.
98 Brandon Fanney LB Sr.
5 Jerrell Harris LB So.
36 Chris Jordan LB So.
41 Courtney Upshaw LB So.
45 Charlie Higgenbotham LB Jr.
55 Chavis Williams LB Jr.
1 B.J. Scott DB So.
4 Mark Barron DB So.
8 Chris Rogers DB Sr.
15 Alonzo Lawrence DB Fr.
20 Tyrone King DB Sr.
26 Ali Sharrief DB Sr.
37 Robert Lester DB Fr.

- Punter Heath Thomas and place-kicker Colin Gallagher

Only three things really jump out at me on this:

1. Brandon Fanney is working with the second team defense while Jerrell Harris Dont'a Hightower is with the first team. I don't know if I'd read this to mean "Harris is our new starter at Jack," but Fanney really is a better fit as a rush end, honestly, while Hightower can provide pressure in the backfield while also holding his own in pass coverage as an OLB. I'll also note that Eryk Anders, who was probably our best pass rusher at LB last season, is also with the first team.

2. Marquis Johnson is still with the first team DBs while Barron and Scott are with the No. 2s. Not to dog on Johnson, but anyone with eyes watched him get burned downfield repeatedly, especially against Florida and Utah. I constantly lamented that we needed to find someone to come in at CB while Arenas moved over to Star that didn't represent a drop off in ability, but looking at this it seems the coaches are happy enough with Johnson to leave him there for at least the scrimmage.

3. Terry Grant is back with the 1s. Which is where he was last year, but the big part of his yardage came as a receiver and he barely saw the field last season. I hope they can find a role for him somewhere in the offense, because I just plain like the kid.