Phelon Jones Transfers To Alabama


As the title indicates, former LSU cornerback Phelon Jones has transferred to Alabama. Jones was a four-star cornerback coming out of Mobile in 2007, played two years for the Bayou Bengals, and sought a transfer a few weeks back. I'll be completely honest... I am absolutely shocked at this one. I never thought Alabama would take him, and frankly I never thought that LSU would give him a release to come to Alabama. My instinct on Jones has been that he wasn't that good of a player coming out of high school, and that obviously Miles and co. didn't think he was that good of a player either, otherwise they certainly wouldn't have let him transfer to Alabama. With us having extremely limited scholarship space, I never thought we would take him, and really still cannot believe that we have. I cannot help but wonder if Jones, at least for now and despite what some reports may indicate, agreed to walk-on at Alabama, at least until he becomes eligible again in 2010 and / or he grabs his share of meaningful playing time. Again, though, I have no clue. I never thought we would take him...