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About that Athlon cover...

Just got an e-mail from Rapaport saying that Athlon caught the Jones/Rogers error that we had a good laugh over in the fanshots before it actually went to print, so we won't be seeing this particular cover on news stands anytime soon.

But we're totally leaving it here because it's funny.

Honestly, though, I can see how it's easy to make this kind of mistake. In last year's Yea Alabama, a similar error unfortunately led to a picture of a very large, very white Nick Walker getting included. Getty Images had the picture labeled wrong (they also had about 10 pictures of an LSU player labeled as Nikita Stover, so thank God he didn't make it in), a layout editor in Boston that doesn't know Nick Walker from Nick Saban needed another picture for the article and grabbed it, and we were so close to the print deadline that there wasn't time for one of us to approve the finished article. It happens, and thankfully this time it was caught. Still, when things like this do happen, it makes me very grateful for all the instantaneous aspects of blogging.