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Let's Extend that Win Streak to THREE

I'm too young to remember the '69 Liberty Bowl, but you better believe I have some fond remembrances of the '91 Blockbuster Bowl and the '07 Independence Bowl (at least as fond as memories of an Independence Bowl appearance can get). So when it comes to Alabama vs Colorado, all I know is the sweet taste of victory.

With that in mind, lookee here who's in the lead for the SBN "First to 5000" Twitter 5K, our old pals Colorado (by which I mean SBN CU blog The Ralphie Report). We're doing pretty well in this thing, moving up to the #10 position from yesterday's #20, but we're still a good 1100 followers behind the Buffs (and about 20 behind Mississippi State?! The &*%$?) and therefore need all the help we can get. We're not suggesting that you create fake twitter accounts and follow us or anything, but if you're on the Twitter and aren't following us, what's your problem man? Seriously? And if you aren't on the Twitter, now's the time to hop on board. You'll get updates when new posts are made at RBR as well as cheeky links and videos from head tweeternaut kleph throughout the day. And beyond all that, you'll get the satisfying feeling of sticking it to those damn hippies Buffs one more time. Honestly, the question you really have to ask yourself is, "how can I afford not to follow RBR on Twitter?" The answer friends, is you can't. Do it. Do it now.