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Nico Johnson Arrested

In a bit of unwanted news, this morning we find out that Nico Johnson, the five-star linebacker signee out of Andalusia, was arrested last night. According to the Andalusia Star-News:

Nico Johnson on a misdemeanor charge of harassment after a verbal, non-physical altercation with another male. He was released on a $500 bond.

So, um, yeah, arrested for a "verbal, non-physical altercation" with another male. In other words, he got arrested for dropping a couple of F-bombs. I hate to sound like a homer on this one, but this all seems like a bunch of garbage, and if anything it seems to indicate what we all know all along... a cop can basically arrest you any time he wants for whatever he wants. The charges probably won't stick, of course, but that doesn't mean he cannot arrest you in the interim. It sounds to me like Andalusia has way too many Barney Fife's running around.

At any right, all else I will say is that it is times like this that make you relieved that we have things like Section 1983 lawsuits and the ACLU in this country.