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NCAA Ruling on the Alabama Textbook Scandal


The decision by the NCAA Infractions Committee concerning the improper distribution of textbooks by University of Alabama student-athletes was announced this afternoon. The penalties include three years probation, vacation of records, and a $43,900 fine. No scholarships will be lost.

A total of 201 student athletes from 16 sports including football were involved and the total value of the improper benefits was $40,000. The committee found that 22 of the athletes receiving almost $22,000 in benefits who were aware they were impermissible.

University of Alabama officials said they were disappointed at the severity of the penalties given no competitive advantage was gained for any sport and "not one athlete pocketed one dollar" in the scheme. Athletic Director Mal Moore said the university would "carefully consider our options regarding an appeal."

According to the university's response to the NCAA, scholarship student-athletes were acquiring texts and materials of a value greater than $100 for girlfriends, boyfriends, or other student-athletes. The athletes were also receiving non-required textbooks and materials in addition to the required items for their classes.

When the textbook scheme was brought to light in the middle of the 2007 Crimson Tide football season, five players were suspended for four games due to their participation.