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The RBR Radio Hour(ish) Is Upon Us!


By popular demand, the RBR Radio Hour(ish) is back for a special post NCAA Sanctions episode.  Join us tonight to discuss the sanctions, their merits, their impact on the future of the program, and all that good stuff, and by all means call in and share your thoughts.  OTS and I are very boring.  8pm CST is the time, TalkShoe is the place.

UPDATE: Something screwy is going on over at TalkShoe: I can't call in to start the show (busy signal), and everyone else seems to be having trouble even making it to the show/chat window. We'll keep trying to get this thing going tonight, so keep clicking on the TalkShoe link above and hopefully we'll get this sorted out.


UPDATE: TalkShoe is completely down right now, so the RBR Radio Hour(ish) will be postponed 'til (tentatively) Monday.   'Til then, courage.