Trent Richardson to wear #3

Trent Richardson will wear number 3 this year for us. And before anyone asks, "What number is Kareem Jackson going to wear?" he is also wearing #3. You can wear the same number as long as you are on opposite sides of the ball. For example, Julio and Chris Rogers. I haven't heard what the other freshmen are wearing( Todd, Nico, OTS a little help?), but I do know James Carpenter is wearing #77, for those who didn't pay attention at all to the A-Day Game. I think it is kind of wierd that he would pick #3 considering that that's traditionally a DB number. But maybe that is why he picked it, to cement his own legacy. I thought #8 was an odd choice for Julio last year, but it looked really good. Also, Kareem Jackson is my boy BTW.

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