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Photo Series of Bama Fans by Wes Frazer

Birmingham based photographer Wes Frazer has recently put up a series of portraits of Alabama fans from last year's Alabama vs. Clemson game on his Flickr account. He spent the afternoon before the game photographing and talking to fans. I accompanied Frazer on this trip and it was cool getting to talk to people and hear their various stories. For instance, a few of the folks in this series were about to leave for Iraq and Afghanistan and this game was their last bit of fun before heading off to war. Frazer also does work for the New York Times and has done a lot of interesting band photography (TV on the Radio, Tuscaloosa's very own Dexateens, etc.) A link to the full set of Bama fan images can be found here. Make sure to check the whole set as you or someone you know might be there. Frazer plans on this being an ongoing series, so check back for more images. Here's a few samples (click on any of them to enlarge):


Bamawes4_medium Bamawes3_medium