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CFB Stadiums I've Been To: Davis Wade Stadium

Davis Wade Stadium

Mississippi State Bulldogs
Starkville, Mississippi
Capacity: 55,082


I've been to DWS twice. Once for a complete snorefest that saw South Carolina beat the Bulldogs 15-0 on five field goals. The other time was in 2007for a complete snorefest when LSU smacked MSU around to the tune of 45-0 in a thoroughly rain soaked affair. I've had a good time both times I've been, though I'm sure they'll give me plenty of crap when I head over there for a Bama game. It's a small stadium, but it's really easy to get in and out of (both on foot at the actual stadium and regarding traffic in the town.)  Also, I was living in Tuscaloosa both times I went, so having to travel further to get there in the future may temper my fond recollections of the place as well. I can't complain though, I was fed thoroughly at the tailgates of strangers both times (despite them discovering I'm a Bama fan), so despite the fact they're a divisional rival, I have to say they're pretty good folks from my experience. I'll definitely return there in the future since it's such an easy trip.