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Monday Morning Required Reading


It was a bit of a busy weekend with no less than three recruits - Jay Williams, Brent Calloway and Dieon Belue - committing to the Capstone and the usual wailing and gnashing of teeth from thine enemies. So lets get to it:

Bad Apples: Team Speed Kills peeks in on the Saban vs the recruiting websites fracas. We think mainstream journos should get down on their knees and thank Coach for graciously keeping them busy during the silly season.

Shocked! Shocked, I Say!: Phillip  Marshall at Auburn Undercover bristles at the suggestion there is tomfoolery and hijinks amongst recruiting sites. Eight in the Box and The Capstone Report rebut the argument.

He’s Still Got It: About 1,500 fans wait up to three hours in just to meet former Alabama QB John Parker Wilson.

The More Things Change: Terry Bowden prospers in Florence pissing off Barners no end.

"He was a lot stricter than your dad. I can tell you that.": Coach Bryant's players from Kentucky hold a reunion in Lexington to recall the Bear on Father's Day.

The Teflon AD: The Charleston Gazette thinks Mal Moore is getting too much credit for the omelet and not enough blame for the broken eggs.

Douchebaggery: CBS Sports Dennis Dodd goes into the mailbag for responses to his idiotic Alabama column. Todd's blood pressure rises precipitously at the prospect.

The Old Hate is the New Hate: Cecil Hurt and the Chicago Tribune think renewing the Notre Dame/Alabama rivalry is good for everyone. Visions of Clausen embedded in the turf of BDS make me incapable of functioning for the rest of today.

SooEEE!:  It’s Arkansas week over at Team Speed Kills. And lets give a warm welcome to SB Nation’s newest blog, Arkansas Expats, covering the Razorbacks.

Counting Down: 75 Days