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Stadiums I've Been To For CFB Games: Independence Stadium

906 miles round trip and all I got was a sinus infection, strep and the flu. Vacation: FAIL

Independence Stadium (website)
Independence Bowl (website)
Shreveport, Louisiana
Capacity: 53,000

I saw Alabama's 2006 Independence Bowl loss to Oklahoma State at this stadium. Tough loss, but it was an exciting game. The stadium was nothing to write home about and I don't really see myself going back there unless we somehow wind up playing against Texas or Oklahoma...and even then, that'd be just for the sake of "tradition vs. tradition." Furthermore, I'd have to have a big ol' pile money to burn or I wouldn't really consider it.

It was my least favorite football road trip ever. First of all, we lost. Secondly, the room rates in the city of Shreveport were insanely high and we ended up staying in Ruston (about an hour outside of Shreveport.) We ran into a terrible traffic jam on game day (totally unrelated to the game) and to top it off, I ended up coming down with the flu, a sinus infection and strep throat on the trip. It made for an incredibly rough drive back. It made the drive back home from this year's Sugar Bowl seem awesome by comparison. You know, I've been to Louisiana three times for Bama games and we've lost all three. Maybe I need to not go there for Tide games anymore.

If nothing else, I can say I was there for this...