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Niners Nation Looks at Glenn Coffee

Fellow SB Nation blog, Niners Nation, has a very in-depth look at former Crimson Tide running back Glenn Coffee posted today that is very much worth checking out. You got the obligatory breakdown on his formidable career with Alabama football but Niners Nation's Professor Bigelow takes care to cover all the bases; Coffee's growing up in Saudi Arabia, the importance of his religion in his life and involvement in the textbook case (which, for many of the team's fans, might be all they know about him). All told, assessment is overwhelmingly positive for this relatively surprising pick by the 49ers franchise:

"He looks to me like a solid back-up, with potential to carry a major amount of the load somewhere down the line. We'll see if he gets favored early over Robinson and/or Clayton, but as of right now, I'm liking this guy, if for his dedication alone."

And the tone of the comments seem to echo that sentiment. The Green Mile references aside, this is a nice snapshot of Coffee's career to date and the promise his skills hold for him at the professional level. And the YouTube vids are awesome.