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Monday Morning Required Reading

MMRR is sticking to the shade these days.

The sweltering heat of summer is finally fully upon us and the doldrums of the off-season seem nigh-insurmountable. But there is actual news out there. Somewhere. Let us know if you find it. Till then this this will have to suffice:

Kirby Speaks!: Alabama DC Kirby Smart gets a rare opportunity to speak to the media during a dinner event in Georgia. His theme? Recruiting. His message? We're good at it. Anything else? James Carpenter and Robby Green have impressed him in practice. (HT Rapoport, of course)

Ozzie for AD: Ravens GM Ozzie Newsome adds fuel to the ongoing speculation he'll be the next AD at Alabama with a series of maddeningly evasive answers to the point blank question. Looks like folks in Baltimore are taking notice of it now.

American Hero: Crimson Tide linebacker Don Salls snagged an interception against Kentucky and ran it back 76 yards for a score in 1938. He later helped liberate Paris in WWII and coached at Jacksonville State for 18 seasons. He turned 90 Friday and remains more awesome than you could even dream of being.

How to Fail in the SEC Without Really Trying: Little Rock Touchdown Club is seriously considering inviting Phil Fulmer and Tommy Tuberville as guest speakers for this year's meetings.

The Mysteries of Tuscaloosa: The Tuscaloosa News is reviving its once popular series and wants your input. Question one: Where did my wayward youth go?