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All-Time Records Against 2009 Opponents

This is nothing but a bit of boredom on my part and provides no real insight or anything, but I figured it would be interesting anyway if you're a bit of a trivia and stat junkie.

The lists via the links also provide aggregate scores.

Virginia Tech: 10-1
Florida International: 1-0
North Texas: 2-0
Arkansas: 11-8
Kentucky: 34-2-1
Ole Miss: 45-9-2
South Carolina: 10-3
Tennessee: 46-38-7
LSU: 44-23-5
Mississippi State: 72-18-3
UT-Chattanooga: 10-0
Auburn: 39-33-1

Here's the fun facts/trivia gleaned from this pointless exercise (and some I already knew):

  1. An all-time record of 324-135-19 (.679) against our 2009 opponents.
  2. We've played all 2009 opponents at least once.
  3. Eight of the ten times we played UT-Chattanooga happened before 1960.
  4. Our last contest against Virginia Tech was the one loss. A 38-7 beatdown that came in the 1998 Music City Bowl. A weird stat from that game I didn't remember is that we held the ball for 36 minutes, yet had only seven points to show for it. Talk about your statistical anomalies.
  5. There was a 55 year span between the two Kentucky victories over us.
  6. For those of you that didn't know, we've played Mississippi State more than any other team (which I did know beforehand.) Also, Alabama and Mississippi State are geographically the two closest teams in the conference.
  7. The earliest Mississippi State can even the series is 2062...and that'll take reeling off 54 straight wins.
  8. As was mentioned in Watchman's recent fanpost, Alabama rolled up 833 yards of total offense on VaTech in 1973 and 748 of those were rushing yards. Let that one sink in for a minute. Four different players had over 100 yards rushing in that game.
  9. We won't have to see Steve Taneyhill's mullet this year.