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Turns Out "Seastrunk" and "Swagga" are Actually Antonyms

Everyone had a laugh over Five Star RB Lache Seastrunk's "calling out" of Nick Saban during the Big Cat Weekend, ourselves included, but it seems young Seastrunk had some second thoughts about his actions:

"I got caught up in the atmosphere, the environment, and did something I truly regret. I wanted (Saban) to know I was sorry."

On the one hand, give the kid a hand for understanding the kind of stir his comments caused and the brash, impudent image he created for himself in doing so.  It's entirely possible this kid isn't the big mouthed showboat that (the admittedly very limited) anecdotal evidence may suggest.  On the other hand, why apologize?  At least as of now (and at least according to Rivals), Seastrunk doesn't have an offer from Alabama, but he does hold offers from Auburn and LSU, two teams that would (and do) lap up any and every dig at Nick Saban no matter what's it's source, be it five star stud or random guy on the street.  Whatever his reasoning, his "swagga" level dropped from precocious penguin to penitent hamster with one phone call.

"I wasn't trying to call him out or anything, create any type of controversy and he didn't think I was. He was very receptive and very understanding ... an awesome man. Coach Saban said he didn't have any hard feelings towards me. He understood that I'm young and got caught up in the moment. Coach Saban said he respected me for calling him to address it."

"I want to thank Coach Saban for taking the time to listen to me. He didn't have to, but he did. I really appreciate him for that and have the utmost respect for that man."

Apparently Saban does have time for this #*^%, considering this #*^% was a PR boon from the outset.  Not only does Saban look like the bigger man for not acknowledging the comments to start with, he comes off as the understanding, sympathetic coach for graciously accepting an apology that he arguably wasn't owed from a prospect he isn't even recruiting.  Or, in other words, he managed to get a super stud recruit who's been plastered all over the news this week to go from "What's up, Nick Saban? Wait 'til we get here." to "I...have the utmost respect for that man," all while doing....well, nothing much beyond answering his phone.  He's a class act towards recruits and this is why, contrary to the beliefs of our rivals and other various assorted naysayers who would paint Saban as the symbol of all that is wrong with humanity, recruits want to play for him.