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Jermaine Preyear Transferring?

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And they keep dropping like flies... According to published reports, Alabama freshman tailback Jermaine Preyear is considering a transfer.

Preyear initially committed to Alabama on March 2nd, 2007, and in doing so he became the second commitment of the 2008 recruiting class. Alabama was in need of physical tailbacks who could work between the tackles, and a recruit who filled such a need could have played as a true freshman. Unfortunately for Preyear, he had to greyshirt because of a shoulder injury, Mark Ingram became the one to fill that role in 2008, and when Preyear finally arrived on campus in early 2009, the depth chart situation at Alabama had drastically changed. Since then Ivan Matchett also signed with the Tide, Mark Ingram had a great true freshman campaign, and the Tide signed two more highly-touted tailbacks in Trent Richardson and Eddie Lacy. And making matters worse, the Tide picked up the commitment of Jalston Fowler early this year as for the 2010 class, and he will enroll early. In other words, Preyear's clear path to early playing time quickly turned into a very muddled depth chart that now sees him buried far down the list, and apparently he is considering a transfer.

Hopefully all will work out well for Preyear. He seems like a good kid and he's a hard worker, but in all fairness it looks like it will be extremely tough for him to see any playing time any time soon, so you certainly cannot blame him for pondering a possible transfer. Either way, again, just like with Alonzo Lawrence, you just have to hope it works well and that he makes the best possible decision for himself.