How to use the SB Nation Recommendation System

There have been a number of posts on RBR recently that have racked up a tremendous number of responses making it rather tough to go through and find the comments therin that are worth particular notice. The epic response to OTS's "Let's Talk Numbers..." post being the prime example.

The usual way we have been singling both posts and comments for praise has been the ubiquitous "+1" or a general comment in appreciation. It turns out the new SB Nation format allows you to "recommend" both posts and comments allowing these items to get better play.

At the bottom of every post on every SB Nation site is a number of items to provide better dissemination of the item. You probably have seen them so often they have disappeared for you. It looks like this...


If you click on "Rec" that post will then be recommended. If it is a fan post or fan shot, after it receives five recommendations it gets "promoted" to the top of the list on the right sidebar. (Also, don't forget to use the buttons provided to Digg, Tweet and Facebook items you think are noteworthy and deserve a wider audience.)

In the case of comments it is virtually the same but there is an extra step involved. At the bottom of every comment are a list of options the last of which is labeled "actions." Like No. 1 here:


If you click "actions" two new options appear,"Flag" and "Rec." You can use "Flag" to note a comment you feel is inappropriate or "Rec" (shown in No. 2) to give it a kudo. After three "Rec"s the comment will then be highlighted in green, making it very noticable to any casual reader.

FanPosts are just that; posts created by the fans. They are in no way indicative of the opinions of SBN and the authors of Roll Bama Roll.