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SEC Media Days Open Thread

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Well kids, today is the day that we can pay attention to the hoopla happening over at the Wynfrey, for our beloved Nicktator descends upon the Magic City in order to enlighten us with....vague coach speak that ultimately means absolutely nothing. Forgive me my apathy, but until Dicky Lyons, Jr. gets an honorary seat at this thing every year to amuse us all with his domestic violence inspired dreams, I'll read the blurbs in the papers and view this event as nothing more than a tangible reminder that football season is, mercifully, just around the corner.

But since today is the day our beloved Tide is represented by Coach Saban, Mike Johnson, and Rolando McClain, I suppose we should at least pay a little attention for today.  Alabama gets the early block along with Georgia, starting at 8:30 and lasting 'til 10:30, so be checking with the following folks for anything interesting (and of course reporting back here so I don't have to):

  • has all the basics while is on it like a horribly trite cliche and providing handy (embedable!)  video clips of each coach and player's time at the podium shortly after, so look for those in this space at some point.
  • Team Speed Kills is liveblogging the whole megillah from the event itself and wrapping up each day's action with a podcast that night.  I'll be on tonight discussing the Tide, possibly from the belly of the beast Galleria food court, just so I'll feel connected, man.
  • Rocky Top Talk is also in Hoover doing the whole liveblog thing, as is Sporson on behalf of The Sporting Blog.  WARNING: Clicking on the previous link could unfortunately lead you to things written by Brian Cook.  Proceed at your own caution.

Nick Saban, Alabama Crimson Tide Head Coach, at 2009 SEC Media Days