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Eddie Lacy Qualifies?

Some pretty big news breaking right now, and it comes from 2009 signee Eddie Lacy. The highly-touted tailback prospect from Geismar, Louisiana was taking his final in his Algebra II course this morning, and needed to do well in order to bump his final grade up to an A. Apparently, Lacy has done just that, and several reports now have him as getting an A in the class, and that should give him the core GPA / ACT combination needed in order to qualify academically.

Previously my concerns with Lacy were that he would ultimately get caught in the NCAA Clearinghouse because of the correspondence courses that he took this past Spring, but for what its worth Lacy has apparently not been concerned about that being a stumbling block. Obviously I do not know the specifics of his situation, so hopefully he took the correspondence courses from a reputable institution that will withstand the Clearinghouse's scrutiny.

At any rate, Lacy has passed a big hurdle here. He had to do this in order to get to the Clearinghouse, and now it seems like he has a pretty good chance of making it. Hopefully we will find out something firm in the next few days. I would imagine the Clearinghouse would make quick work of this one, given how close we are to the start of Fall practice.