"It’s time to be honest about the BCS:" by Tony Barnhart

Its Time to be Honest About the BCS

by Tony Barnhart

This is a really good read if you are interested in the debate. I actually agree with him on pretty much all points. People love to bash the BCS but don't do their homework or use logic while ripping it.Here are my favorit points..

Fact: For all of the flaws of the BCS, the fact is that it has provided bowl opportunities that the supposedly aggrieved schools had never had in the past. How many times had Utah played in the Sugar Bowl before the BCS? How many times had Hawaii played in the Sugar Bowl before the BCS? How many times had Boise State played in a New Year’s Day bowl before the BCS? If you answered zero to all three questions you’d be right. “The fact of the matter is that the BCS has given access to those conference that they never had before,” said former SEC Commissioner Roy Kramer, considered to be the godfather of the BCS. “Look at the history of the major bowls. They had almost never invited one of those teams before the BCS.”

I think this next point is a key point in fending off the BCS haters who think the BCS kept Utah out of the BCS CG.

Fact: Even the coaches in Utah’s league, the Mountain West, did not step up for the Utes when it counted. Joe Glenn of Wyoming had Utah at No. 5. Rocky Long of New Mexico and Gary Patterson of TCU had them at No. 7. Kyle Whittingham, Utah’s own coach, had his team at No. 5.

So where was all the love for Utah BEFORE they played Alabama in the Sugar Bowl? The fact is that while Utah deserved to win because the Utes flat outplayed the Crimson Tide (who didn’t want to be there), it wasn’t until AFTER the Sugar Bowl that Utah became this incredible juggernaut which should have been given the chance to play for it all.

If your fellow coaches don't think your team is worthy of a shot...why should the BCS...i wonder what the almight AP poll had Utah at right before the NCG? yeah that would be did the BCS keep them out again?

the five Coalition Conferences (Conference USA, MAC, WAC, Mountain West, Sun Belt) have placed a team in the BCS in four of the past five seasons. Those five conferences get an automatic $9.5 million for participating and another $9.5 million when they place a team in a BCS game. So over the past five seasons the BCS has pumped about $80 million into those five Coalition conferences.

Maybe im crazy but i just don't their gripe...I have said this before and will say it again (Tony said it also) The system that was in place before would have never allowed a Utah, Boise St. or a Hawaii to play in their "big boy" least with the BCS you get they have a shot.

I want a playoff just like everyone else but no matter what, you'll have people complain. If its the top4, 8 or 16 teams, you will have so yahoos who will cry that they were left out..No the BCS isn't perfect but say for a few years, we have been given some great matchups and i feel the top 2 teams were given their shot...

And lets be clear on who really is keeping us from a playoff...that would be the Pac-10 and Big 10...

Here's a good read on how silly this whole thing is...the "mid majors" want to cry but they don't want to fight..

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