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Shameless Self Promotion: Todd on WUMP (Huntsville/Athens)

As per usual, I will be back on with Johnny "Ballpark" Franks of Sports Radio 730 tonight at 5:15pm (CST). Tune in, won't you?

To keep with our theme of vintage cheesecake and the Huntsville Space & Rocket Center...

UPDATE: For some reason I can't make the embed code show up today, so you'll just have to download or click the links. Part 1 and Part 2. And just for funsies, here's a song from my old roommate's band East Buddha. They're from Auburn, but surprisingly their precious indie rock isn't so much centered around themes of animal husbandry and epic coach hiring fails as it is zombies and dying men flying into space.  Anyway, this one is called "Golden Bones" and its the catchiest darn song about a serial killer you'll ever hear.  Enjoy.