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BlogPoll Calling: Preseason Top 25 Ballot Submitted

Rank Team
1 Florida
2 Texas
3 Alabama
4 Oklahoma
5 Southern Cal
7 Ohio State
8 Georgia Tech
9 California
10 Mississippi
11 Virginia Tech
12 Penn State
13 TCU
14 Oklahoma State
15 Boise State
16 Oregon
17 North Carolina
18 Iowa
19 Brigham Young
20 Georgia
21 Texas Tech
22 Michigan State
23 Arkansas
24 West Virginia
25 UAB

Everything stayed the same at the top but I did a little tinkering in the bottom half so, explanations and such:

  • I dropped Michigan State down to #22 from #17.  I think Dantonio is a good coach and they'll be playing fundamentally sound football with an eye towards defense once again, but without Hoyer and Ringer I don't see much improvement from last year (though I also don't see regression).
  • With the Spartans falling, that made way for North Carolina to raise up a spot to #17 from #18.  Take your shirt off.
  • Iowa is up to #18 from #22.  They're a better overall team than Michigan State so I pretty much just flopped them in my rankings.
  • Georgia bumps up to #20 from #24.  They'll have a solid offensive line and Joe Cox has some experience, so it will be another quietly solid season for them.
  • I decided to drop UCLA out completely (though I do think they will improve enough to get to a bowl game this year, 8 wins is about as far as they can go and that's not really ranked worthy at this point) and include West Virginia.  Someone has to win the Big East, right?
  • UAB stays put at #25 until they lose a game.  Go Blazers.

We're coming for you Troy.