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Check out RBR on Twitter

As most of you probably know, RBR can also be found on Twitter. We've had the Twitter account up for a few months now, and we do have a lot of followers. However, up until now there really hasn't been a whole lot of unique activity on our Twitter page, and it has really just served to distribute links for the various articles, fanshots, etc. that we post on the front page at RBR.

I've decided to change that, though. From here on out, I'll be regularly updating the RBR Twitter page with random updates and blurbs about the comings and goings with the Tide. I always have little one-liners that never becomes enough for a full-blown post on RBR itself, so in the past they have just gone unmentioned. With a medium like Twitter, though, it gives you the perfect opportunity to dissiminate tidbits just like that, and that is what I plan on doing from now on. Links to the various updates we have here at RBR can still be found on the Twitter page, but if you go there from now on you'll find a lot more unique, substantive content as well.

Either click here for the direct link, or just type into the address bar of your browser.