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You know how we were all excited yesterday....


So Hightower is back working with the inside guys. Our assessment that he'll be floating back and forth between Jack and Will as needed instead of putting his hand down all permanent like is probably right on. The bigger news is the fact that Alfred McCullough is still working at RG with the 1st "administrative grouping." Brian Motley, as you may recall, worked there during A-Day after filling in so admirably at LG for an ailing Mike Johnson. Motley is now back at center, where he was buried on the depth chart when Saban came along and moved him over to NG in 2007. What does this mean for William Vlachos and David Ross, who fought quite a battle during the spring to grab the start there? Beats me. Just further "the roster is fluid" proof that the staff is going to experiment with everybody to make sure the best possible person is manning each position.