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Submit Your Questions for "Hey Todd!"

In your phone, talkin' footbaw...

Another week, another RBR Radio Hour(ish).  Last week was a banner show with three callers (including one that scared the crap out of me so, seriously, if you call in don't just start talking; wait until we acknowledge you are on the line or I'll think the devil has gotten into my phone again and that's no fun for anyone), so let's see if we can't top that this week since the hour(ish) goes by so much faster when we don't actually have to do anything with y'all's help.  Topics for tonight include, but are not limited to:

  • Pass Coverage Against FIU:  Are we in trouble here or did they just throw something at us we weren't expecting?
  • Kick Coverage: Yes, we are in trouble here.
  • Injury Updates: There's some troublesome news for both sides this week.  We'll go over who's banged up and not playing and who could possibly get into the game.
  • Terry Grant: Is it just me, or has this kid bulked up a little?
  • The Continual Rise of Greg McElroy: I told you so!
  • Is Trent Richardson the Greatest Running Back in the History of the Game?: Based on limited data against a lackluster defense, I have to say yes. [/Track 'em Tigers style hyperbole]

And of course, feel free to toss anything you want us to discuss into the comments section below.  See you tonight, 8:00pm CST.