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Want to Help Design the Next RBR Logo?

As most of you probably know by now, I absolutely loathe the current logo we have here at Roll 'Bama Roll. Always have. Likewise, most readers don't like it either, and while the level of hatred probably doesn't run as deep for most as it does for me, I can honestly say that I cannot recall anyone ever saying something good about the logo. And why would they? Seriously, just look at it...


It looks completely dumb, and entirely off point. I understand that the steamroller somewhat extremely loosely ties in with the concept of RollBamaRoll, but even so it's a strained connection at best. And frankly, even notwithstanding the fact that it's entirely off point, it's hideous looking regardless. It's as if the amateur version of Lion King somehow morphed into an episode of Bob the Builder. Just terrible on every level.

Thankfully though, Praise Jesus, Todd has discussed things with the powers that be, and he has gotten approval from corporate to change the logo. So, there indeed is a God after all, and hopefully the god awful steamroller elephant will soon be residing in the ash heap of history.

Now, with change in the air, this is where you guys come in. As most of you know, we love to get all of the reader participation we possibly can here at RBR, and to that end we're offering you guys a role in designing the new RBR logo. At this point, for the most part, anything is fair game. Obviously the new logo cannot contain anything that is in any way copyrighted -- totally not kosher on that front, lawsuits really suck -- but aside from that you can generally come up with what you want. We basically just want something that looks good and fits in well with the blog as a whole. With that general guide in mind, you can essentially go in any direction you want with this one, whatever your mind can dream up.

Obviously those who have graphic design skills can be very helpful here because they can actually come up with finalized designs for use, and to that end readers in the past like The Other Dave have posted some very nice submissions before. It goes without saying that submissions like that are more than welcomed. However, even if you don't have graphic design skills -- i.e. you're like me -- anything that you can come up with will help. We're effectively starting off from ground zero with this one and we really have no particular ideas in mind. Any idea or suggestion for a particular design or a particular style would be very helpful.

It goes without saying that we here at RBR -- and more specifically corporate at SB Nation -- reserve the final say on exactly what ends up being the new logo. That said, we do value our readers highly, and any design or idea we get could possibly end up being the new logo here at RBR, and at the very least will consider careful consideration. So, if you have any designs you want to submit, or any ideas for a new logo, leave them here in the comments.