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Submit Your Questions for "Hey Todd!"

This will all make sense tonight, so be sure to tune in!

If it's Wednesday, then it's time once again for the RBR Radio Hour(ish). Tonight's topics include, but are not limited to:

  • The North Texas Win: Further proof of the Tide's dominance or steamrolling a cupcake?
  • Julio Jones With Julio back and  Arkansas taking the novel "let's not cover their receivers and see if the pressure of being wide open is more than they can handle" approach to pass defense, is Julio finally going to see the breakout game we know he has in him?
  • Arkansas Expats: They have phones, and fully intend to use them tomorrow night as they join us for some hot Q&A action.
  • Around the SEC: Florida/Tennessee wasn't the bloodletting we thought it would be, Jarrett Brown should be buried underneath a mountain of thank you cards from Auburn fans for gift wrapping their third win of the season (it take a special QB to throw a pick on a shovel pass, and a specialer one to throw two), Georgia don't 'low no defensin' 'round here, and Mississippi State wins!  
  • Todd's Taste of the Town: If that town is called Horriblefoodburgh.

Throw your questions/comments/suggestions/effusive praise in the comments, and we'll see you tonight at 8pm CST.