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Box Score and Such: Alabama vs Arkansas

1st Downs 14 18
3rd Down Efficiency 2-14 (14%) 6-15 (40%) 
4th Down Efficiency 1-3 (33%) 0-1
Total Yards 254 425
Passing 191 291
Comp-Att 16-41 (39%) 17-24 (71%)
Yards per Pass 4.7 12.1
Rushing 63 134
Attempts 26 41
Yards per Rush 2.4 3.3
Penalties 11-98 7-60
Turnovers 1 0
Fumbles Lost 0 0
Interceptions Thrown 1 0
Time of Possession 26:24 33:36

Snap Judgements:

  • Back below 50% on 3rd down (only against UNT have we converted more than half of our 3rd downs).
  • Rushing was horrible.  We just aren't going to be lining up and running right down people's throats this season.  Thank goodness we have some incredibly gifted backs that can make things happen on their own.
  • Penalties are rearing their ugly heads again, though honestly I didn't remember us being penalized that much from the game until I looked at the box score.  Maybe I'm just used to it now?
  • The defense cut Arkansas's offensive production against Georgia almost in half (485 vs 254) and made Ryan Mallet look fairly pedestrian.  Marcell Dareus says "you're welcome."

Players of the Game

Offense - Trent Richardson


vs Arkansas / 9.26.09 Rushing Receiving
Rush Yards Avg TD Rec Yards Avg TD
Trent Richardson 9 65 7.2 1 2 16 8 0


Take away the 52 yard TD run and suddenly Richardson has only a 1.6 ypc on 8 carries, but in a game where we struggled to run the ball (Ingram carried the load with 17 rushes for a grand total of 50 yards and a 2.9 ypc), watching Richardson break four tackles and turn what should have been a three yard loss into a 52 yard score (the first of the game, no less) seemed to spark the offense out of it's funk and opened the floodgate of big plays to follow.

Honorable Mention: Greg McElroy

McElroy continues to be the engine that drives the offense, with a stellar 17 of 24 for 291 yards and three TDs.  Considering his first three incomplete passes were drops, he's as accurate as we could ever hope for a QB to be.  He is pretty much carrying this team while we continue to struggle on the ground.

Defense: Javier Arenas


Five total tackles, three tackles for loss, two sacks (and likely more if he hadn't been held all game long).  Javy hasn't done much as a CB this season with offenses throwing away from him and our remaining in that nickel/3-3-5 look with him at Star, but he's made an impact on defense nonetheless as a pass rusher.

Honorable Mention: Lorenzo Washington

Washington's blocked punt in the third quarter set up a 5 play, 35 yard TD drive to effectively end any chance of an Arkansas rally.