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It's Meltdown Time...


Many of the longtime readers at RBR will remember this piece from a year ago, and, well, it's back. And for the newbies, here is the premise of this piece: there are few greater pleasures in life than reading the delusional comments that spring forth from the meltdowns that ensue with each and every loss. So, what we do here in "meltdown time" is to browse the Internetz in search of the greatest meltdown posts we can find and then post them here in one column. Now that SEC teams have started playing some solid competition, we'll try to keep this post coming back as often as possible.

This week we have some great material from Ole Miss, Arkansas, and Kentucky. And, of course, the language can get pretty rough, so if you're offended by that sort of thing, you may want to consider skipping this piece altogether. (ed.- seriously, there's dirty words ahead.  don't say you weren't warned.) Now, disclaimers out of the way, without further adieu, it's meltdown time...



John Jerry was just as bad as Sowell.

Our OL recruiting from 2005-2007 will embarrass this team.

Worst O-line I can remember us having in a long time.

The one chance we have prove we are for real and we look like the bad news bears. Hell even the touchdown we had was a fluke. Dont really know what to say. I'm speechless.

Once again we have an Ole Miss team with a chance to prove something and we vomit all over ourselves.
God dammit we look like absolute motherfucking dog shit. Fuck.
Question? when will the day come that Ole Miss can line up and beat someone consistently without having to run trick plays. We are highly ranked and WE, not SC, have to run trick plays to try and win. Double reverse pass with under a minute to go? Seriously?? we've resorted to that? seriously??
tonight was just terrible.  One of the worst offensive game plans i have ever seen.
That reminded me of Cutcliff days. I wanted to cry.
I'm as big of a HDN fan as they come, but they blew it tonight.  Nothing about SC was good, we were just pathetic!!!!
We suck again!!!!!

We need offensive tackle..... need recievers that can catch the ball in triple coverage.... and how about a qb that wont throw into triple coverage!!!!!!!!!!
They just need to take sowell out back and shoot him.
He's worthless.
We'll be lucky if we win 4 more games
I mean... seriously. We are fucking pathetic.

And, to close, easily the greatest line of the night...
Move Sowell to TE immediately and tell Massie to get his head out of his a** and earn his money.

It's really just a shame that all of the above just couldn't take the advice of The Ghost of Jay Cutler from Red Cup Rebellion:
Seriously, get fucking hobbies or something.  College football, especially in this conference, is a royal bitch.



This Arkansas defense is the worse that I have seen in my lifetime...for a Hog team....I am so frustrated.
most pathetic display of fundamental football I have ever seen (except for last week)
Another pathetic defensive performance.  The norm?
Has anyone checked the recruiting rankings lately? That won't do much to inspire your view about the future.
Other than Malcolm Shepard there isn't a single player on the D that would be starting for Bama.
Jerry Franklin is just not who we thought he was.

QB Tyler Wilson needs to come in NOW....much more mobile and accurate on shorter passes. The Alabama Defense demands this change....obvious.
can we start looking for a new DC now?
if it was up to me... the D would RUN till they PUKE then run some more till they PUKE again!!! maybe at some point the d backs would learn to turn around and LOOK for a ball and maybe they would think twice about trying to play two hand touch and DECIDE to lay some WOOD!!!!
FL will hand us our "A" by the end of the first quarter with the way we cover receivers!!! I understand our "O" being a little off but our run is always to the short side and we continue to go DEEP with the pass when we have had our most success in the midlevel range



What's the point really? Why even bother with playing the game.
Urban Meyer spent two hours preparing for this game. He knew he could walk in and step on our throats. This sucks.
Well I thought we'd at least make a game of it. Yes I know it's still first quarter, but this is sad/pathetic. Ortmayer must be fired. Stagnant recruiting gets you these results.

UF decided to make this their sixth practice of the week.

Absolutely putrid.
I don't understand this....seriously. It's like watching a train wreck. You want to puke and hide your eyes, but you can't even blink...
We look pathetic and intimidated.
Our defense is playing like they have no arms..... :(