JPW HAS secured a spot on the Falcons' roster

ed.- bumped from the fanposts. good on jpw.

John Parker Wilson just spent three full quarters against the Baltimore Ravens as a Falcon. Here are his stats for the entire preseason: RAT 81.6, 19-27 for 135 yards, 0 TDs, 0 INTs 0 FUMB, 1 sack. His competition? Former UGA QB DJ Shockley: RAT 3.5 10/26 109 yds 3 INTs, 2 FUMBLES, 0 TDs, 2 sacks. No scores for JPW, but also, perhaps more importantly for a backup, no turnovers.

Suffice to say, against all detractors both inside and out of the Falcons fanbase (Madden 10 doesn't list JPW as a NFL player at all), JPW has, at least in my eyes, locked the 3rd backup QB spot. What does this mean? Not much for the Falcons. He will certainly not eclipse Matt Ryan any time soon. It does mean that he 1) has a job and 2) could be picked up by another team and given a larger role in a few years.

So, if tomorrow's 53 man Falcons roster includes Mr. Wilson at #3 QB, awesome. If not, all logic in the universe has left Flowery Branch GA.

UPDATE: ProFootballTalk has reported that D.J. Shockley has been released by the Falcons. This definitely means that our former QB is now officially a Falcon. Congrats JPW!

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