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Alabama Tops the Blogpoll


And Alabama finally snags the Number One slot in the only poll that doesn't matter that matters, the CBS Sports Blogpoll. Moreover, Roll Bama Roll captures the first ever and now highly coveted Lightnin' Hopkins Fastest Ballot award (and screwing up the standings in the Mr. Stubborn category in the process).

The Crimson Tide has also managed to break the Florida Gators deathgrip on the top slot in the SEC Power Poll  (brought to you by our fellow SB Nation bloggers covering all things SEC, Team Speed Kills).

So what does this really mean? Honestly, not really all that much. The dominance of Florida, Texas and Alabama over the rest of the field makes them pretty much interchangeable at this point in the season. The sole difference in this week's voting is that "Alabama's got way more oomph in its early season schedule than anyone else," notes Brian Cook, keeper of the Blogpoll.

But still, if you are looking for an excuse to go drinking this evening, I'm sure this will fit the bill.