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On "Running Up the Score"

"You're controlling a game, even though you may say it's winning ugly. We're still ahead 12-3 and totally controlling the game with 3 minutes, 29 seconds and the ball. That's how fragile a season can be." - Nick Saban

That quote, of course, came after the 12-10 victory over Tennessee when late in the fourth quarter the unthinkable happened: Mark Ingram lost a fumble.  Though we were in control of the game with a nine point lead, Tennessee was able to get a quick score and we had to block a field goal to survive.  In hindsight, had we not blocked that kick, our national title dreams would have effectively ended (you'd have seen Texas and Cincinnati in Pasadena, most likely).  I bring this all up in response to all the "outrage" over Trent Richardson's last touchdown and how Alabama was so "classless" in running up the score.  Yes, up by ten points with just over a minute to go, Alabama could have simply taken a knee and given the ball back to Texas with little time left on the clock, but since Longhorn fans are so fond of playing the "what if?" game these days, why don't we play one of our own?  What if McElroy goes under center in the victory formation and, full of excitement and no longer focused on the game, fumbles the snap and Texas recovers?  What if Vlachos doesn't deliver the ball properly for the same reason?  What if the Texas d-line, which had been having it's way with our offensive line all night, disrupts the exchange?  You're giving the ball back to an offense that had scored very quickly to get back in the game.  Up 24-6 we took our foot off the pedal in the third quarter and look what happened.  Though it was highly unlikely that Texas was going to still pull it out after that last INT, you never know what's going to happen in a football game and you have to execute for 60 minutes no matter what.  Besides, if you don't want Richardson going in, maybe your top ranked run defense shouldn't let him break off 17 yards on first down to set up first and goal.  I'm just saying...