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Top Moments of the 2009 Season: The Selection Committee

Got my vote...

Rather than do a boring old countdown of the best wins/best plays/whatever, I thought this year we could have some fun with it and break it down playoff bracket style.  I've already picked 16 of my favorite moments, but just in case I forgot something I'm going to open up the floor to give y'all a chance at nominating some of your favorite moments of the past season.  So here's my list (in no particular order):

  1. Anders causes a fumble to seal the National Title
  2. Marcell Dareus's TD
  3. Ingram winning the Heisman
  4. Colin Peek's TD in the SECCG
  5. Ingram/Saban Chest Bump
  6. Cody 5
  7. Ingram's 70 yard TD at State (3:05 mark)
  8. Screen to Julio against LSU
  9. Rocky Block (or whatever you want to call it)
  10. The final drive against South Carolina
  11. Ingram's 4th down TD run at Ole Miss
  12. Upshaw's fumble return for a TD against Kentucky (1:40 mark)
  13. Wildcat TD against Arkansas
  14. Trent Richardson's 52 yard TD run against Arkansas
  15. McElroy's bomb to Marquis Maze against Va. Tech (3:00 mark)
  16. Roy Upchurch lowers his shoulder on a poor Hokie

Leave your suggestions in the comments and we'll have a bracket ready for tomorrow.

UPDATE: Y'all have come up with some great suggestions that I had forgotten about, so we're expanding this baby to 32.  This is going to get crazy.