South Korean Music Video DOES NOT Include Alabama

These are not, we repeat NOT, Alabama uniforms.

OK. Here's the backstory. Those lovable ingrates over at Black Heart Gold Pants stumbled on a bizarre South Korean music video that, for some strange reason, features a girl-group adoring an Iowa Hawkeye helmet.


During this epic adventure into the surreal, a pair of football players appear wearing a generic red uniform (see above) that several commenters have suggested might be those of the Crimson Tide. One even goes so far as to suggest this is a premonition for the 2011 National Championship game.

But it's important to note that THESE ARE NOT ALABAMA UNIFORMS. The jerseys have never had a white stripe along the shoulders and the helmets do not have the player's numbers on them.

Alright. Now we've got that out of the way, you should pop over and check out the thread, it's quickly turning into a classic. And Deadspin and EDSBS have picked it up as well.

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