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BCS Championship Game Day Open Thread

Game day has finally come and kick-off in the BCS National Championship Game is only hours away. While we wait, chime in here with all of your game day thoughts and comments. Any news that breaks between now and then will also be posted here.

Finally, the actual game thread should go up sometime tonight around 6:00. As long-time readers know, the commenting threads at SB Nation tend to blow up around 1,000 comments, so once we reach that point tonight -- whenever that is -- we will post new game threads as the situation warrants. Be on the lookout for those if you start having site issues when the comment count gets high.

Weather Update: It may be snowing on you in Alabama, but per Gentry Estes, it's a beautiful day in Pasadena. Temperature at kick-off is expected to be approximately 65 degrees without a cloud in the sky.

Rolando McClain Update: Per Gentry Estes, "(A few of you have asked about linebacker Rolando McClain. As far as I know, nothing has changed and he's expected to play tonight, but I'll be sure to update that when the teams arrive for warm-ups)."

Kirby Smart Rumors: Per the Paul Finebaum equivalent of the Dallas market, Galloway and Company, Kirby Smart will interview for the Texas Tech head coaching job after the BCS Championship Game. Who knows about his odds of getting the job, but it would be hard for him to turn down, and I imagine it would be hard for Texas Tech not to pursue him if his defense shuts down the Longhorns in victory tonight in Pasadena.