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Grasp the gravity of the accomplishment, folks...

At Alabama, there is a long tradition of winning national championships. All national championships, however, are not created equal. With that that in mind, I urge everyone to go beyond the mere joy of winning a national championship and actually grasp the gravity of this particular accomplishment.

Consider the following... we went undefeated in the SEC at the zenith of the SEC's run as a dominant conference, and did so in a year where being undefeated was an absolute requirement to having a chance at earning a berth in the BCS Championship Game. Furthermore, to go undefeated, we had to defeat on a neutral site arguably the single greatest player in the history of college football, and we had to defeat his team... the defending national champions that practically returned every single key member of their national championship team.

Then once we did earn a berth in the BCS Championship Game, we drew not the pushovers of the world -- no Ohio State for us -- but we drew Texas, an elite team and an elite program in every sense of the word, and also a team that we had never defeated before, not to mention a team that was undefeated in their own right.

Oh and by the way, we were to play this game in Pasadena, site of the effective birthplace of Alabama football, and a game that we had been barred from -- largely due to our own success -- for more than sixty years.

And ultimately we answered the bell. We went undefeated, we beat Florida, we beat Texas, and we lifted the crystal ball high into the sweet Pasadena air. And oh yes, we also picked up a Heisman Trophy along the way, a Butkus Trophy, the Broyles Award, and oh yes we also had six All-Americans.

Again, not all national championships are created equal. This is most certainly not just another national championship.

Grasp the gravity of the situation, folks, this is it. We will certainly win more national championships in the years and decades to come, but I highly doubt one will ever top this one. You can probably live for another hundred years and not see something from our beloved Tide that could legitimately compare to this.

Repeat after me... This. Is. The. Mountaintop.