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Yea Alabama 2009: National Championship Edition


Well folks, here it is. Here's what your RBR staff has been working on since the Crimson Tide rolled Florida in Atlanta. One month of insanely fast-paced work to celebrate our team's PERFECT 14-0 2009 National Championship season. 96 pages of full-color glory celebrating this amazing team (with no advertisements I might add.)

There are multi-page recaps of every game (including breakdowns of significant plays), a tribute to the 2009 senior class, a look at our history in the Rose Bowl, a comprehensive look at the 2009 Heisman race and much more. You can pre-order your copy now from MAPLE STREET PRESS for a mere $9.99. We're dang proud of this and think you all will love it.

We'll announce more as we learn about when you can find it in stores (and what stores will carry it.)

Pre-order for delivery to your door: HERE.