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The Jumbo Package: 10-12-10

Alabama begins life after the streak -

"It's not a new lesson," Saban said. "It just happens to be after a loss, when everybody's willing to listen. You all (the media) are just like the fans, (thinking) 'They're just saying that because he's the coach. They're doing everything they're supposed to do. They won.' That doesn't mean you're doing what you're supposed to do. That doesn't mean you're playing the best you can play.

"What'd I say last week? At this time of year if you're not doing things right, you're going to get exposed. Well, we had some guys get exposed. Whether it's the left tackle, whether it's the right corner. So what are you going to do about it, that's the question."

Saban apologizes for news conference profanity |

"You can't just show up and win just because you're Alaba­ma," Ingram said. "Just be­cause you're No. 1, you can't just show up and win. You have to focus, you have to practice hard, everybody has to be on the same page. You have to come out and play with a lot of intensity and play Ala­bama football."

Tide soaks in loss |

"I tried not to be alone as much as possible," said McElroy, who suffered his first loss as Alabama's starting quarterback. "You surround yourself with the people you care about and it makes the time go by just a bit faster. I've just been very disappointed. I think every athlete is going to experience some type of letdown at some point in their career. It's the great athletes that are able to bounce back and let it be in the rear-view mirror and see how they respond the following week."

Many reasons for lack of rushing game |

"When the game goes like the game went, and you get behind 21-3, what is the priority? Is it to get those guys their carries? Or is it to try to get back in the game? To me, it’s to get back in the game," Saban said. "Sometimes the game determines that. Last year when we had all the yards against South Carolina rushing, it was because we were ahead in the game and we were taking the air out of it, and they couldn’t stop us running the ball. So somebody gained 200-some yards. Different circumstances in (this) game."

"The main thing is whatever the coaches call we have to go out and execute whether it’s a run, a pass or whatever they do," Ingram said. "That’s just the main thing. We don’t really question the calls or whatever like that. We just go out and try to execute the plays that are called."

Ole Miss notes: Bye week 'came at a really good time,' Nutt says |

"I've seen bye weeks work both ways," coach Houston Nutt said.

"Sometimes bye weeks are disruptive. In our case, we really needed it, because we've never had this many concussions. It came at a really good time for us."

and etc.

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Andrew Bone: Tide continues to build 2011 recruiting class |

Alabama football recruit Danny Woodson avoided serious knee injury, according to exam |