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The Jumbo Package: 10-20-10

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Wake up to hate.

It's Wednesday, so get ready for another edition of the RBR Radio Hour(ish)! We'll be over at TalkShoe tonight at 8pm CST, so get us some questions and topics in the comments below. On to the links.

Tennessee vs Alabama - Lessons From Heartbreak - Rocky Top Talk

Still, we didn't think the Vols were capable of playing with Alabama last time around, and that was in every way a game Tennessee should've won - aside from the three missed field goals, the Vols outgained the Tide 341-256.  Here are some lessons - other than, you know, don't miss three field goals in a game you lose by two points - this year's team can take from coming so close a year ago.

Tide has been getting a big kick out of its kicking game |

"I was concerned early that we weren't getting a lot of production in punt return," Saban said, "but in the last couple of games we have made some plays on punt returns, and certainly had our best game in the last game changing field position."

Notebook: Alabama has a laundry list of nagging injuries; Vlachos faster than Richardson? |

Saban used last Monday as a walk-through instead of a typical practice.

UT will mark Alabama's eighth straight game, its fifth straight against an SEC opponent and its fourth road game in the last six.

Players weren't biting on looking forward to next week's bye, but Richardson spoke about last year's off week, which also came after playing Tennessee.

"Playing that hard game, we just came off a long road of hard games," Richardson said. "Tennessee ... we knew they wouldn't be a cakewalk. ... That game was like a one-game season for us. It took a toll on us."

Greg McElroy’s numbers don’t tell whole story |

"I think we all just need to play with a lot of confidence. I think that starts with me, and I’ve got to try to get those guys to feel confident in me," McElroy said. "If we can just get everybody to have confidence in me and have confidence in our offensive line and me having confidence in our wide receivers. ... I think we just lack the trust in each other right now. We just need to get that back."

NOTEBOOK: UA rarely plays ‘regular defense’ |

"Every week we think we’re going to get to play regular defense, and every week we seem to play six or eight snaps of what amounts to be regular defense, and the rest of it is some kind of spread, four-wide, empty," UA coach Nick Saban said. "I think that more wide-open style certainly lends itself to more opportunity for the offense, but I think it also makes it more difficult for the defenses to prepare against all those different things."

This Tide-Vols game feels like last year's _ an expected mismatch that had exciting finish -

The ending of the Alabama game still haunts Tennessee guard Jarrod Shaw, who barely got his right arm on the charging Cody on the final block.

"I felt like I let my team down, so you know it definitely, definitely hit home with me. Obviously the coaches brought it up again. I just try to use it as motivation rather than get down on myself.

"All I think about is if I just did something a little bit different, just did what the coaches told me to we would have won the game. I take that loss and I tell the guys every day that it's my fault that we lost."

and etc.

McElroy, No. 7 Alabama trying to get offense clicking against Tennessee -

A look back since the 'Alabama takeover' - SEC Blog - ESPN

Tide Continues Preparations for Tennessee - ALABAMA CRIMSON TIDE - University of Alabama Official Athletic Site

Tennessee Vols' back wants to crack Alabama streak | | The Tennessean

One streak is alive and well at Alabama - SEC Blog - ESPN

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